What is the World Cyber Games (WCG)?

The World Cyber Games is the world's first "Cyber Games Festival", designed to build and facilitate a healthy cyber culture.  The World Cyber Games is the only single e-sports organization which brings together competitive video gamerss from across all six continents (Asia, North America, South America, Europe, Africa, and Oceania), and hosts the the largest annual competitive gaming festival. The mission of World Cyber Games is to unite gamers from all over the world through a comprehensive digital program which strips away cultural barriers, while promoting international exchange and harmony.


Which games can I compete in?

There are 6 official WCG USA 2013 game titles:

PC Games:

  • Cross Fire
  • StarCraft II: Heart of the Swam
  • World of Tanks
  • FIFA '13 & '14
  • League of Legends

Xbox 360 Games:

  • Super Street Fighter IV Arcade

In order to participate in the National Finals event, players must qualify themselves through at least one of two online qualifiers hosted by WCG USA. These online qualifiers are free of charge, and open to all residents of the United States. The winning player / team per qualifier in each game will receive stipend travel to the National Finals. The remaining teams who place second will receive an invitation to compete at the National Finals, but will be responsible for their travel to the event. Players must be United States citizens to compete, and will not be allowed to qualify for multiple games.


Can I compete in more than one game?

Yes, you can compete in more than one game, however you can only participate in one event/game per qualifier round.  Players who lose in early qualifier rounds are encouraged to re-enter in subsequent rounds or even switch and/or add game disciplines for additional chances at victory.



What are the prizes?

The winners of the WCG 2013 Online Qualifiers will receive stipened travel to the US National Finals, where they will have the opportunity to compete for the chance to represent Team USA at the WCG Global Festival. Members of Team USA will receive compensation packages for travel to Kunshan City, China, where they will compete against competitive gamers from across the world as representatives of Team USA.

Last year, the 2012 WCG Global Festival prize pool totaled $258,000.00 USD. The prize pool for the 2013 WCG Global Festival has not yet been announced. Details will be posted when information becomes available.


I love playing videogames and am pretty good, but I'm not a professional. Can I still compete?

Absolutely! Video gaming is a fun recreational pursuit that some skilled players are able to turn into a profession. The WCG encourages everyone to play and have fun, regardless of perceived skill level or tournament experience. A majority of the world´s greatest pro gamers got their starts competing in WCG tournaments, and you can too. Just ask 2007 Grand Final gold medalist and TEAM USA member Dustin Valcalda: He´d never even heard of the WCG until posting his Tony Hawk Project 8 videos on his YouTube page. Friends told him he should try out for the WCG. 

The WCG is about competition and fun, but its not just about winning. It´s also about meeting other people with the same interests as you. Many lifelong friendships are formed at WCG events by people who would never have had the opportunity to meet in person otherwise. More than 1.5 million gamers participated in WCG events last year. Even if you don´t win, you´re going to have a great time.


How do I sign up?

You can register for any one of 4 Qualifiers by clicking the "Register" button along the right side of the website. Just choose your favorite game(s).


Where will the WCG National Finals be held this year?

The 2013 National Finals will be held within The Escapist Expo! Details can be found here.


Do I have to pay my own way to the WCG USA Final?

The players who finish in 1st place in each online qualifier will receive stipeneds to cover airfare and hotel accomodations. Additional teams will be eligible to compete at the National Finals, but will be responsible for their own travel and hotel accomodations.


Do I have to pay my own way to the Grand Final?

All members of TEAM USA have their airfare, travel and hotel room costs covered by the WCG. In addition, there may be other travel opportunities that are also covered by the WCG.


What if I have another question?

Please visit our forums and make a post in the Help & Support thread!


Jul 29 - Aug 11
Aug 19 - Sep 8